Gratitude from TIP Clients:

“Your volunteer was an angel sent from heaven.  I was in shock after my father’s passing.  She had valuable information to share.  But more than that…she had empathy.”

“Your volunteer was quiet when needed and asked questions that helped me recall happy memories when I was going through such a difficult time.  I have worked as a 911 dispatcher for 11 years and in the mental health field for 16, but when I needed someone, she was perfect!” 

“She was there long before the hospice nurse arrived and was much more helpful.  She made a very difficult situation much easier for my niece and myself.” 

“Please thank your volunteer for being the calm place in my storm of that day.  I will never forget her kindness and her gentle spirit.” 

“I appreciate your volunteer’s kindness, compassion and help during the morning of my husband’s death.  She made a horrible situation more manageable. And I also very much appreciate that she called me a few days later to check on me and my mom.”

“Your volunteer was so helpful in so many ways.  I wouldn’t even have been able to fill out the papers.  She was an amazing Angel staying by my side.” 

“Thank you so much for your help in my time of need. You were a calming influence in a very tragic time and I am beyond grateful to you.  You were able to answer all my questions and gave me that very informative booklet, but also just sat with me comforting in silence.” 

“Your volunteer was very helpful and comforting.  I was quite traumatized by my son dying so young and her presence helped me focus and stay calm (sort of) while still cry and deal with the other people there.”

“She did lots of things to help me through.  She kept me calm during the times I was frustrated, angry, confused and lost.  She helped me to remember to just drink water and helped me go through the most difficult of times.  On behalf of me and my family, I thank her from the bottom of my heart.”

In addition to serving citizens, TIP volunteers also free up our increasingly strapped law enforcement, fire, emergency department, and medical examiner’s personnel to complete their investigations and/or return to the service of others knowing that those in crisis are being well cared for.  Recent feedback from these collaborative partners illustrates TIP’s valued role in the emergency response system: 

“The volunteer worked wonderfully with the children on scene who had just lost their mother.  She was able to give them the comfort and time that those working the scene could not. TIP volunteers do an amazing job.”         – Medical Examiner Investigator 

“TIP always does a fine job assisting families in need – providing compassion and explaining the process. Your work in our community is greatly appreciated.” – Sparks Police Detective       

“Your TIP volunteer was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He was able to effectively console the grieving son allowing me to conduct my investigations. He went above and beyond expectations.” – Reno Police Officer 

“The volunteer provided wonderful support to the grieving partner and roommate who were on this very difficult scene. Always so grateful for the help.” -Washoe County Sheriff Deputy 

“TIP was amazing as always.  The wife of the deceased was all over the place, physically and emotionally.  The volunteers were able to engage with her, allowing me to do my job as I was having a difficult time prior to their arrival.” -Reno Police Officer 

“As the supervisor on scene, I can say there was a significant change for the better after TIP’s response. I am greatly appreciative of the Trauma Intervention Program.” -Washoe County Sheriff Sgt 

“The TIP volunteer was a very calming influence in the middle of a tragic and chaotic situation. Keep up the good work! Sparks Police appreciates you.” -Sparks Police Sgt. 

“I am so thankful for this program. The volunteers never cease to amaze me with their ability to keep families calm. They always do their job in a way that makes doing my job easier.” -Washoe County Sheriff Deputy