TIP during COVID-19:

As a response to the social distancing guidelines for COVID-19, we have launched Tele-TIP.  Our new, temporary system allows for the greatest impact, while still keeping the safety of TIP volunteers and our fellow citizens at the forefront. 

For our TIP clients: We wish we could be right by your side with a listening ear and helpful hand. Please think of our Tele-TIP volunteers as a lifeline of emotional support and practical information as you go through your own personal struggle during this crisis.  

For our First Responder partners: Please have your dispatch contact TIP dispatch as you have always done, but also include the client phone number. A TIP volunteer will contact that client asap to help guide them through the first few hours and provide ongoing support. Stay safe! 

For our Community: If you know of an isolated senior or family member who is more in need of companionship than emergency services, Tele-TIP has allowed our volunteers to serve these folks as well. Please contact TIP dispatch at 775-745-5514.

TIP volunteers are always available.   

We help…

Emergency Personnel 

We are called by authorized police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and hospital personnel to provide assistance to individuals and families in times of crisis. We assist:

  • Family members of SIDS victims.
  • Family members and friends following a natural, accidental, or unexpected death.
  • Family members of a person who has died from suicide.
  • Victims of fire.
  • Persons involved in automobile accidents.
  • Disoriented or lonely older persons.
  • Persons who are distraught and seeking immediate support.

Local Businesses & Schools

We can assist large groups of individuals who have experienced a traumatic event at their workplace by providing emotional support, practical support, and information that will help their healing.


If you are experiencing a crisis in your life due to a traumatic event, please call us. We will do what we can to assist you during this time of need.